Madhya Bharat Ceramics Madhya Bharat Ceramics
• How long have been in the business for?

More than four decades

• How many employees are there in the company?

More than 150 employees

• Where are you located?

Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh (Central India)

• What types of products do you manufacture?

Ceramic Saddles, Rings, Honeycomb, Triangles, Inert Balls. For further details please click here (insert link to product details) 

• What all types of industries do you cater to?

Paint Finishing ,Automotive Components ,Wood/MDF ,Tire Manufacturer ,Municipal Sludge Processing ,Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers ,Drum Reclamation ,Food Processing

• What is your production capacity?

9000 M/² (put ² not 2) per Annum

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Madhya Bharat Ceramics
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