Madhya Bharat Ceramics Madhya Bharat Ceramics
Raw Material Test
  •  Physical Inspection for colour and texture
  •  Particle Size
  •  Chemical analysis.
Inprocess Test Top
  •  Particle size by sieve analysis
  •  Density of slip • Filter cake moisture content
  •  Extruded blank moisture after drying to leather hard condition
  •  Random tests for dimensions
  •  Visual Inspections
  •  Pre Kiln moisture content tests
Firing Controls Top
  • Firing control by automated combustion control systems(Air Fuel ratio, Temperature firing curve)
  • Steady pre heating to avoid stresses on the ware
  • Long soaking to achieve 100% penetration of heat through out the wall thickness to facilitate proper VITRIFICATION
  • Rapid cooling upto 700 degree Celsius
  • Slow cooling from 700 to 600 degree Celsius (to facilitate quartz inversion volume change)
  • Bringing down to room temperature at a steady rate
Final Product Tests Top
  • Dimensional Checks
  • Weight
  • Water absorption
  • Resistance to Acids and Alkalis
  • Crushing strengths
  • Tests conducted as per ASTM 279C, DIN and Customers specifications
Quality Norms Top
  • Quality norms are maintained as per ASTM/DIN/As per Customers specifications
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